Some Alaska Photos

Many followers of my adventure have been hoping to see more photos.  My apologies for not posting sooner, getting back to the world means getting back to being responsible and catching up on things.  I recognize that I need to make time to organize photos and videos so that I do not let them gather dust.

This first photo is a campground just north of Coldfoot on the Dalton Highway.


The Boreal forest is very interesting to experience.  The trees are spruce with a scattering Aspens and the small vegetation is very lush.  Here we are about 60 miles north of the Arctic Circle and this photo was taken on the summer solstice.  The sun never varied in elevation and it felt like 4PM all day long.  I had to force myself to go to sleep, the daylight really does make one feel like there is no need to sleep.


I am always fascinated by the new growth in the forest.  These little trees have to get a strong foothold so that they can withstand the harsh winter.  The trees are surrounded by the white lichen that grows everywhere and other types of mosses I am not familiar with.  Up here the growing season is about eight weeks long and you can tell that the plants grow like mad in the constant sunlight.  Another thing that struck me was that there were almost no brown leaves or other foliage on the live plants, it was as if the Disney gardeners came through and groomed every plant like the do in their parks.


I will sign off with a memorable photo from a beautiful ride on the Dalton Highway.  There were volunteers at this stop that gave out officially stamped certificates commemorating getting to the Arctic Circle.  Mine is dated June 21, 2017.

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