Final Preparation

I have spent the last several days in final preparation.  This involved working out where things get packed and in what order.  A few odds and ends had to be procured as well.  I have the food I will take, save for perishables that I will get just before leaving.

One thing I have learned from my various other trips is that packing a bunch of loose things in a pannier becomes a problem because pretty soon the packing turns into chaos.  I have packed things in smaller containers that are sort of purpose oriented.  A small plastic box with things that I don’t want smashed, a small bag with camp accessories, etc.  I hope things stay more organized this way.

I am writing this on my tablet using my little iClever folding keyboard to try it out and I think it will work fine, the keyboard is really pretty nice.  I won’t continue to bore you since we are now between the frenzy of preparation and blast off.  Stay tuned.

One thought on “Final Preparation”

  1. The suggestion I have is for the upper-most volume(s) of the panniers, etc. No matter how you pack these vessels, the contents will settle as a function of the intrinsic situation. That being said, take a look at the “attachment” of small pods of gear at the upper-most location by means of vel-cro or small hooks, upon which are employed the lanyards of said small pods.


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