Day 2

I left Berkeley heading for the Sierra Nevada to cross on highway 88 at about 730am.  I droned along the I-80 until Hwy 12 to get to Sutter Creek.  Not long on the 80 I could swear I smelled pot again, at 830 am; wake and bake.  Sure enough, when I passed a articular car I saw the passenger holding a smoldering object.  Welcome to the Bay area.

More vineyards along route 12.  The sierra rodes were great as usual.  At one point i missed the turn for 88 and was on the 49 and had to back track to highway 26 that intersected 88 farther east.  What a great mistake, this road was motorcycle paradise, the rythem of the turns in stretches was sheer nirvana.  The left-right-left-right patterns down one side of a valley and up the other side where intoxicating.  When I finally hit 88 the rest of the ride into Gardenerville Nevada was not as exciting but it did have a few nice stretches.

In Gardenervile I had lunch with two former colleagues who are retired. Ron Priorillo and Kirby Mays.  We had a nice visit for a couple of hours  but I had to be moving on to my nights stop outside Winnemuca.  I chose Winnemuca for the distance and the fact that there is a free BLM campground there.

I went up US 50 to Fallon and then 95 to I-80.  It got hot.  Up to now my return path from Alaska has been uncertain.  It is now certain that I will not be returning through areas like Nevada at the end of July, I will stick closer to the coast.  I have not spent any time in the Cascades…

At one point I wondered what I was doing.  I was uncomfortable in the 95 degree heat, my ass was on fire from two days riding, I was in the middle of bumfuck Nevada with 150 mles to go until camp.  Was this worth it?  A little application of logic brought me back to my senses.  I have had this desire for decades, I had a good plan and preparation; most important, I have a supporting wife that wants me to have this dream.  I know that she sometimes feels ripped off that I am doing this great adventure but she does not let on and gives full support.  How could I not continue?

At one point I crossed the Immegrant Trail.  Whenever I travel across the vast western states and get a reminder like this I can’t help but think of the people who came across in the 1800’s; they walked.  They did not ride in their wagons, that is where there stuff was that sustained them.  A lot of it was shit they learned they did not need and discarded eventually.  But, I just coveed, in fifteen minutes, a distance that would take them a day, or more.  I have it easy so press on.

I finaly made it to my camp and had a restful night after a quick camp dinner.  I had to ask for directions in town because Sprint has not data service in Winnemuca to use a map app, how 19th century.  The Water Canyon recreation area is just afew miles above town.  The stream was flowing and there were not that many spots left, much to my surprise.  Total distance traveled 439 miles.

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