Day 9

The day dawned clear and sunny.  It was still light the night before until almost midnight and the sky lightened in the morning a bit after 4am.  In Dawson Creek some locals told me that the area had three different Menonite sects.  Some of them were in the samw campground and their kids were making a bunch of noise until almost midnight.  I hollered ‘quite’ and that seemed to do the trick.  I did not sleep all that well.

I hit the road a bit after seven with the goal of having lunch in Fort Nelson.  The ride was sunny and crisp and I stopped after an hour to add a layer and was then nice and comfortable.  A bit later another rider on a wateer-cooled GS puuled onto the road and we rode together for the 100 miles to Fort Nelson.  When it climbed into the low 70s I was getting hot but that did not last long because we entered overcast about an hour from FN and 20 miles out a light rain started.  I stopped for lunch there with my new aquintance Peter.

The road from Charlie Lake to Fort Nelson is a pretty boring drone but gets much more scenic after.  It also got wetter.  Not as heavy as the day before.  We road through some great country but the rain made it less enjoyable.  The world was a gray-green seen through a rain spotted visor.  At one pass there was pea soup fog and at another it was 39 degrees.

We decided at lunch to try and get a room to share because the night would not be pleasant in a tent and it will be raining in the morning.  A tried to stay at Munch Lake but the fancy-pants lodge was full.  We called ahead and got the last room at the lodge in Liard River Hots Springs.  After getting squared away we walked over to the hots springs and had the most wonderful soak.  My muscles really needed it.

This moring I saw a baby and momma moose, and squirrel.  Then there was a youg male moose with small antlers in velvet.  Near the end of the day we saw a much larger male with commensurate velvet antlers.  There were two sheep next tto the road at one point and just before arriving here a herd of bison laying next to the road.

Tomorrow the Tukon.  I passed 3000 miles today just before here and road about 430 miles today.

2 thoughts on “Day 9”

  1. KG, I’ve biked in rain, I’ve camped in rain… gotta tell ya, so far, I got no envy for ya. Bless yer heart. You ride safe. I wish you better weather.
    J. Black


  2. Kevin, almost every inch of your path up to Jasper we have driven during our last two vacations. We even camped on Cascade Lake, ID last summer though without any crazy storm. I can relate to the joy of your road trip. Ours trip, however, are much more comfortable in the van. Looking forward to future details. We’ll be in Glacier NP around July 12.


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