July 1

We awoke to perfectly dry tents and a warm morning in the low 60s.  The sun was trying hard to shine and succeeded on and off.  Today we want to end up in Haines, Alaska.

We rode about twenty miles to the Canadian border the check point.  The lady was all business and let us pass.  We wanted some breakfast and got to the only restaurant in Beaver Creek just as they were closing up to be in the local parade; it was Canadian Independence Day.  One of the people reminded us that ours was coming up.  I bet there were twenty people in their parade, this place was small.  So no food but I got a photo of a Mounty in full dress uniform, very sharp indeed.  Sorry for the dearth of photos in this blog, it will have to wait until I return to the mother ship.

Again the ride was very scenic along the edge of the Kluane National Park & Preserve.  We got to Haines Junction and found the only restaurant and had lunch.  I have been craving a real breakfast with an omelet and all the trimmings but have not been able to have one for over a week.  Soon I will have the DTs.

The ride on the Haines highway was one of the more scenic we have had.  We were in and out of rain for a lot of the ride but it was only bad for a short while.  Most of the time it was just light showers.  We climbed to the Chilkat Pass at 1065 meters and it felt like the clouds were bumping the top of our helmets.  We could not see the peaks clearly but had great views just the same.  This area is almost treeless and there are many streams coming off of the snow that is still clinging to the slopes in patches large and small  It was beautiful and I hope my GoPro has captured that ride adequately.

We crossed back into the USA with ease and the last forty miles to Haines was spectacular.  The trees grow larger because they are on the side of the mountains that is moderated in temperature by the sea.  The forest is very dense and the road winds down to the water.  Haines is the bald eagle capital of the world and we saw a number of them on the way in.  We even passed the house of Parker Schnabel’s parents as seen on ‘Gold Rush’.

We went to the ferry terminal to book passage for Sunday and then found a campsite.  The first RV park does not allow tents.  Our camp was in amongst a canopy of trees and was well protected.  The place was old and a bit long in the tooth but it worked for us and I got a shower as well.  We had halibut fish and chips at one of the only restaurants in town and had a beer at the Haines Brewery.  I asked the brewer how many people lived there and he said 1500 within a mile and 2500 people in the whole area.  It is small and has few amenities.  It is a very pretty place with mountains all around and across the water.

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