Canada, eh.

Day 6

I left the comfort of Jed and Nancy’s awesome lake front house after they fed me a nice breakfast.  The ride north from Flathead Lake was very nice.  There were no particularly twisty roads to make things exciting but the day was clear and sunny and the temperature rose into the 70s.  It was just under a hundred miles to the Canadian border from my starting point.  I gassed up in Eureka MT before crossing because gas is more expensive in Canada.

As I was approaching Canada my random shuffle played ‘By-Tor and the Snow Dog’ by Rush in my helmet.  Very fitting for passing into Canada.  The border agent asked my a few questions mainly about firearms and let me pass.  I told him that Rush was playing as I approached and he got a kick out of it.  By now the world is covered in trees and all of the rivers are filled and flowing like mad.

I rode along the Kootenay River on the way to Banff national park.  The mountains are getting higher and more jagged and the scenery is breath taking.  I have captured some of it on my GoPro but reviewing the footage I see that it does not capture the moment as i saw it.  The bedrock along the river is sedementary and mostly gray so the river is a gray-tan color right now with its high flow; I imagine later it will clear up as it drops.  I have a fly rod with me but so far all of the streams are too blown out to bother fishing.  The smaller creeks in this area of Canada have an interesting aqua colo from the base rocks.  It is the big rivers that really erode the bedrock that are silt ladden.

At Radium Hot Springs I turned up route 93 into Kootenay NP.  I was not in the park twenty minutes and there was a grizzly bear on the opposite side of the rode.  The bear was busy rooting around in the grass ans maybe eating it and did not care a lick about the people stopping to take photos.  i may have captured him on the GoPro but am not sure.  I have too many clips to go through them and see if I got the bear.

I am camped at Lake Louise in Banff NP after a modest day of 318 miles.  It is a very nice campground and I have had dinner and a shower.  Next door are a couple from around Niagra Falls that are bicycling from Vancouver to New Foundland.

There is not much else to relay about todays adventure since it has been fairly uneventful.  I did forget to relay an interesting occurance from a few days ago.

On my second day I stopped at a rest stop a bit south of Winnemucca NV and the was a swarm of what at first i thought were scorpions all over the road and surronding area.  It turns out that the were some kind of hopping insect and I assume they are a species of locust.  In Ohio the 17 year locusts I remember flew and clung to vertical surfaces; these were on the ground.  There were so many that the cars had smashed a great deal of them.  They are about three inches long.  Fast forward to the next day in Oregon and I encountered swarms of the same insects on the road in a few places.  They are so numerous that the tire tracks on the road were red-brown from all the ones that have been squished and you could actually small them from what delecious cream filling they contain.  There were still hundreds of them crawling across the road and I could not decide whether to play dodge them or squish them; I ended up doing a little bit of both.

A side note: if I don’t get to post or approve your comments in a timely manner remember I am going into some very desolate regions and will not be around the cloud that often.

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