Day 7

I awoke to a nice dry tent in Lake Louise.  It seemed to take forever to get packed and on the road.  My neighbors in camp are a couple riding their bicycles from Vancouver to New Foundland.  They figure it will take 2.5 months.

The Icefields Highway through Banff and Jasper is very scenic.  The peaks are huge and they are permentantly capped in ice.  There are several glaciers that one can hike to but I just had time to stop for a few photos here and there.  The speed limits in Canada are monotonously slow.

At one rest area a family pulled in with a pickup and camper and mom driving a mini van.  It turns out that they are a Coast Guard family going back to Kodiak Island after six years in California.  They were living in Wildomar; the dad is a helicopter pilot and was working with the border patrol.  Small world afterall.

I saw a variety of wildlife today.  Deer, big horn sheep, two young male elk in the road with antlers in velvet.  The archer in me always visualizes the vital area for shot placement.  But, I do not hunt.  There were three grizzlies at the side of the road that I stopped and got photos and maybe GoPro video, but I haven’t checked the results.  I saw six black bears; one of them was a small cub dead in the road.  Dang.

After leaving Jasper NP it was a long drone to Prince George for the night.  It got over 80F and I had to shed layers so as not to roast.  I got to PG and went to the visitors center and got directions to a private RV/campgound.  For the last hour or so I was being chased by a storm heading in my direction.

After getting gas and some easy food to make for dinner the storm hit just as I was heading to the campground.  It was raining pretty good when I got there and I asked the lady for a spot.  She said she had one in the back in some trees or another in some trees with better cover up front.  But, then she asked why I wanted to be in a tent, she had a room in the basement of here house I could have for $50 Candian, that is just under $40US.  That was double the tent site cost but how could I turn that down.  When I asked were I should park my machine she said, “you can put it in the garage”.  So here I sit, warm and dry and my bike is inside a garage out of the rain.  What amazing good fortune.  The lady also said that if I am here when she gets up she will make me some coffee.  Hartway RV Park, Prince George, British Columbia, tell all your friends.

After a long 379 mile day i seem to be extra tired.  Sorry there are no photos, that requires more energy than I have right now.

One thought on “Day 7”

  1. Kevin, lovin evey post…enjoyng the ride with you from my couch. :)….8 days without fishing is too much though.
    Catch your next meal..thefishjunky


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