Dawson City, Yukon

June 13

What a cool place is Dawson.  A lot of old buildings that are in use, or not.  I have poked around the town a bit and will do more later.  I now comprehend that I really am in a remote area.  There are a lot of people around here but if you go out of town it is wilderness, big time.

I went to bed last night at 10:30 and there was a beam of sunlight coming in under the rain  fly.  If you have never been this far north in the summer it is eery.  I puton my eye shade and fell asleep.  I stayed in my bag until 8am, it was great.  I spent a lazy morning making coffee and having a shower and then into town for lunch.  I went to the coin operated shower and at first it would not start, it kept rejecting my coin.  If you have ever used one you know that you get all nekid and hop in as soon as it starts.  I wasa thinking I would have to move to another one but it finally accepted my twony (slang for $2 Canadian coin).  It felt good in the hot water, it was 37F outside.

I went to the Yukon mining office and got a map of the gold fields and talked with some mine inspectors about how to get back to see Parker Schnabel’s and Tony Beets’ operations.  I plan to make a day of going into the gold country tomorrow.  It has been dry here and the dirt roads are in great shape so it should be great fun to see those operations as well as the other attractions like the first strike on Bonanza Creek.  You are allowed to pan at Bonanza #6 so that is part of my tour tomorrow.  We are camped on Bonanza Creek just before is enters the Klondike River and I tryed a few pans today but got no gold.  The rocks sure are pretty.

Right now I am just taking it easy and doing a load of laundry.  It feels good to have a break from up at the crack of dawn, pack the bike and ride all day.  By now my body is adjusting to the routine.  The first week my ass was not happy at the end of the day but now it seems that my Saddlemen seat has broken in and I am much better.  At the end of the day it is still a bit uncomfortable but not nearly what it had been.  My main discomfort is my shoulder muscles after a few hours of riding.  My throttle lock helps a lot so that I can move both arms to help with the stiffness as I ride.  Without it my right arm would never get a chance to relax.  It is not nearly as good as the real cruise control on my newest bike because you have to keep correcting for up and down hills but it a welcome relief non the less.

I just got back from a nice dinner and stolling around the town.  I had a nice salad with a fillet of salmon.  During traveling I always try to eat vegetables regularly but it is not easy when you camp.  It is the warmest part of the day at 9pm, crazy.  It is now 10pm and the sun is still as bright as can be.  The day was sunny and crisp, it was 56 degrees at 3pm and 62 degrees at 8pm.  It is supposed to get slightly below freezing tonight so it will be the coldest night yet.  I am off to bed so I can ride around the gold country tomorrow.

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