I spent the day in the Klondike gold country.  It was worth it.  After striking camp and moving to the tent cabin I had reserved months ago I left some gear behind and headed into the hills.  My goal was to see Parker Schnabel’s operation and see if I could see the gold dredge that Tony Beets has brought back to life.  These are people on the show ‘Gold Rush’.  I got off on the wrong road andd had to back track so the total distance I traveled on dirt was about 150 miles.  I finally made it to Tony’s operation but they would not let me see the dredge.  I did get onto parkers camp area and talked to has foreman Rick.  I watched them operate a bit and took some photos.  I got back to town at about 6pm.  I was out about three hours more than I needed to be because of my error.

I did see Tony Beets; for an instant.  I had stopped at one point this morning to have some food since I did not eat breakfast.  I heard a vehicle coming fast and a minute later it flew by on the dirt road and the driver looked over at me.  It was Tony.  Late on my way back he came flying in the other direction while I was rounding a turn.  I don’t think he even slowed, he left it up to me to not be in his path.

I have about 400,000 miles of road riding experience but before today had maybe 60 miles of dirt experience.  Most people would get their dirt experience on a smaller bike and not almost 4000 miles from home.  Here in the Klondike we do things differently.

I am staying in this cool tent cabin that I found months back.  It has two beds and I am sharing it with the guy Moe that I rode with from Whitehorse so that we can save money.  He will be here two nights and I will be three nights.  There is  heater that will be welcome in the morning.  Right now it is 9:15 and still warm.

You meet all kinds of characters in the Yukon.  One gut here has this little Honda Rukas scooter that he round across Canada and up the Dempster Hwy and back to here.  The Dempster is a very challenging road and the weather can turn any time; it is ~500 miles to Inuvik from here.  I am not going up there on this trip.  He said he had to stop and rebuild his clutch and change his drive belt on that highway.  The machine will do 35mph.  Another character was a rasta looking guty riding a bicycle.  He had studded snow tires he was carrying along with all of his other gear.  He had ridden up the Dempster highway as well.  To top it off he also had a digeridoo (I know that spelling is probably wrong) four feet long.  When I talked to him he was try to hitch a ride to Whitehorse.  A French couple with one child took him.  They loaded all of his stuff and his bike in their mini van and off they went.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Dust to Dawson motorcycle gathering here.  There are a lot of bikes in town now and they expect about 300. It is stressed that this is not an organized rally.  There are a few events and a dinner on Friday.  There is no fee but you can buy bling to help with the costs.

The gold nuggets that you see I am holding will pay for most of this trip.  Too bad they are not mine.  I went into the Mining Office here and the people gave me great information and one of the inspectors brought these nuggets out of his safe to show me.  It is cool to hold such dense material.  I have not yet had a chance to fish.  The rivers through Idaho, Montana and southern Canada where all blown out and I have not been in any place long enough to have time.  When I get into Alaska that will change.

I am beat from riding dirt all day so calling it an early night.

One thought on “Gold!”

  1. Surprisingly, I know what a digeridoo is. According to Brooklynn’s song, they are yellow. I am so happy that you are having such an adventure.


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