Homeward Bound, Sort Of

July 7

It turns out that the campground is very noisy; I did not know this a month ago when I was in the nice lady’s basement.  There were a lot of loud Harley’s and muscle cars making noise in the area and I did not sleep that well so got up a bit late.  My for the day was to ride to somewhere before Whistler on route 99 and camp.  From Whistler it is not very far to the US border.  Route 99 is supposed to be a very good motorcycle ride so I camped not far from where I turned off of route 97 at Marble Canyon.

The day started warm and I put away all of my cool weather layers and put on my warm weather layer.  The ride south out of Prince George goes through pretty country with agriculture or logging in the valleys which are surrounded by forested mountains.  The trees are deep green conifers and lighter green aspens and the view stretches for miles.  Now I am really back in the world, there are large and small towns all along the way.  I had breakfast after riding about 70 miles and then the day got very warm, as high as 96F.  Route 97 changes elevation from over 3000 feet to about 1000 feet and the temperature increases when altitude decreases.

There are two large fires burning along the route I traveled and they slowed traffic at a few points as did the several road construction projects I had to endure.  One of the fires was just past where I left the 97 for the 99 and that road is closed beyond the intersection.

Once I turned on the 99 the road climbed from 1500 feet backup above 3200 feet and the temperature dropped to about 86 degrees, a welcome relief from 96.  I decide to camp at Marble Canyon which is along three small lakes.  The campsite is close to the road but the views are very nice.  The lake on one side with a rugged mountain covered in trees and some cliffs on the other side.

I took a swim in the lake and the cool water was just what I needed after setting up camp.  Now the evening is coming on the the strong winds from earlier in the afternoon seem to be dissipating.  I will not be up too late tonight after last night’s poor sleep and i want to get on the road early.  I hope to go to the Oak Harbor area of Washington and catch a ferry over to Port Townsend and camp somewhere on the Olympic peninsula tomorrow.  Of course, I need to get back to cell service so that I can check the ferry schedules.

I am just a few miles shy of 9000 for the trip so far and I am monitoring the rate of oil leak from my bike but it is not that much so I will press on.  The worst thing is I will have to add oil but I can’t see it dropping in the sight window yet.

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