So Long Cassiar Highway

July 6

I awoke to a clear day in the mid 50s.  I have not had that in quite a while.  I rolled out of the campground about 7:30 and had a great ride out of the narrow slit between the mountains.  The town was still asleep and the road crews that slowed me up on the way in were not working yet.  The remaining stretch of the Cassiar Highway was the same great road and great scenery.  It was about 200 miles to Smithers and I was back in the world. Rats.

Up to this point, since I left Anchorage, I have been in very sparsely populated areas with some stretches of over a hundred miles without a trace of habitation.  Smithers had the first traffic light I have seen in 1500 miles, then another, then another, then…

I did not see any wildlife today except ravens and one golden eagle.  I had hoped to top off my last stretch of true wilderness with some critters but did not have any luck.  I was thinking of camping at a couple of lakes around Vanderhoof but when I checked the campgrounds I was not that interested anymore.  It was still early afternoon so I decided to ride all the way to Prince George.  Between vanderhoof and PG there were four or five delays for road construction and the temperature climbed to 92 degrees.  Once I got to PG I decided to stay at the same RV park from early in my trip were the lady let me stay in her basement instead of camping in the rain.  This time the weather is warm and sunny and matches the lady’s personality very well.  This site is north of PG and not in the greatest area but it is familiar and I only need a spot to pitch my tent.  The shower was free and hopefully the WiFi will let me post this when I am done.

Tomorrow I am heading toward Whistler and hope to find a nice place to camp where I might be able to fish.  I have passed 8500 miles and have maybe 2000 more to get home depending on what I do.  I have a lot of time so I hope to fill it with some good riding and a few places to fish.  I am keeping an eye on the oil leak on my bike and don’t think it will be of any concern since I know the source and it is a common thing on this engine design.  Until next time when I hope I have something more exciting to write about.

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