Stewart, CA and Hyder, AK

July 5

The ride today was absolutely fantastic.  The exact opposite of yesterday’s cold, wet slog.  I left Dease lake a bit after eight AM with some overcast but within an hour the sun broke through and did not go away all day.  I had set my destination as Stewart Canada right near the bottom of Alaska.

The Cassiar Highway is a scenic roller coaster and it was great fun to ride.  The forest is close to the road so one needs a sharp eye out for animals.  It is posted 80kph (50mph) for a lot of it but that is too bad; riding at 65-70mph was a blast.  I did get lite up by a mountie going the other way but he did not turn around.  I behaved for a few miles and then went back to business.

I rode a long time before seeing an animal and there it was, a wolverine.  I can’t believe he was right on the road, unfortunately I got no video of him.  Soon I started seeing a number of black bears and got some footage.

After 200 miles I turned to Stewart and the road there was atleast as nice to ride.  The whole day was spent riding between mountain ranges that have streaks of snow on them and numerous rivers and long, narrow lakes.  The sky was blue and the mountains all shades of green with brown, red, gold and tan thrown in.  The valley into Stewart is very narrow as you wind your way to the ocean once again in a narrow inlet.  The peaks here tower above the small town.  there are a couple of eateries, a motel and two camp grounds.  Across from where I am camped is a huge mountain that is extremely steep.  The campground has a lot of blackberries that are bright red right now.  In a few weeks the bears will be eating them.  I even found a few blueberries right by my site and left them for the bears.

I went into Hyder Alaska and it is practically a ghost town, they even play that up a bit.  On through Hyder a went about sixteen miles up a gravel road to see the Salmon Glacier.  The road puts you across from the glacier and above it so the view is spectacular.  Sorry for not adding photos, it is just too time consuming in the field to edit them for posting.  As soon as I entered Hyder a large black bear was right in front of me and I got him on video.  However, when I stopped at the glacier I saw that there was a bug splattered on my lens so I do not know how some of my videos look.

I passed 8000 miles today on my 250 mile ride.  Tomorrow I will ride nearly 400 miles to get close to Prince George so I can work my way back to the states.  The bike still runs like a charm and the tire wear is very good, I think I can make it back on this set of tires.  I am a bit gun shy about checking tire pressure after the valve stem incident but I have been doing it.

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